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Christ-follower, wife, mother, women's wellness advocate, speaker, coach, Amazon #1 best-selling authorpreneur...and overcomer

For this talented star point guard with the best dribble moves in the entire Coatesville Area School District, there was no high like the intoxicating squeaks of high-top sneakers and a bouncing ball on the gym floor. Then after a season of uncontrollable weight loss and physical decline during her eleventh grade year, a once-hopeful athletic career was stripped away by chronic illness. "If I'm not a basketball player anymore," Shayla asked herself, "then who am I?"


Between a rare cancerous genetic disorder, a childhood spent in dangerous urban streets, the early loss of both parents, substance abuse, depression, domestic violence, legal trouble, and worse, Shayla's journey brought more problems than answers. But the pain never defined her. It just fueled her drive to help other women understand that they aren't defined by their painful past either. 

Everything changed when I learned my value.


At one point while Shayla was serving as an administrator of a Christian school, this calling to serve women was confirmed as many of her students' mothers and female relatives would naturally flock to her for life advice and coaching. Today, with nearly two decades of personal, professional, and ministry experience, Shayla ranks among the very best at helping other women pinpoint spiritual and emotional roadblocks, change their self-sabotaging inner dialogue, exchange unhealthy for healthy coping mechanisms, set and achieve consequential goals, and boldly embrace their TRUE Identity as precious royal daughters of Christ our King.

In addition to earning her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Strayer University, Shayla is certified in Victim Advocacy through Spartanburg Community College.​ When she’s not speaking to women's groups or coaching clients to achieve personal success, Shayla enjoys listening to classic 90's R&B, penning Amazon #1 best-sellers, rooting for her favorite Philadelphia sports teams, and watching movies with her doting husband and son.

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