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new traditions

The approaching Christmas season calls for an unavoidable trip down memory lane. As the Gameboy of yesteryear is replaced by the laptop perched above my knees, I am remembering specific things about the holidays such as family, food, and fun. I recall the excitement I experienced as a child anticipating opening presents and spending good quality time with my family. Along with my early thirties, life has brought about a few changes; I am now married, living in a different city, and many of my closest relatives have passed. Because of this, holidays have come to include a time of sadness where laughs are replaced with tears.

Although I do miss the traditions I’ve had the privilege of experiencing throughout my childhood and adolescence, I am determined this year to view the holiday season in a Better light. I have been blessed in the past and I am blessed in the present. I have a wonderful husband to share my life with and I’ve decided to create new traditions with him instead of allowing the unbridled wind of change to continue hampering my holiday seasons like MomMom’s Thanksgiving night girdle. No, this year we decided to decorate our apartment as a couple to invite just a bit more of the Christmas feeling – and I will still have the opportunity to visit family back home sometime during Christmas break.

I know there are many people out there who’ve experienced some kind of change that may have disrupted their usual holiday ritual and is now a source of pain or stress. Whether due to a change of demographic or loss of a loved one, it is difficult to enjoy the holiday season the way you have in the past. I simply cheer for you to embark on a different path this season. Instead of isolation and depression, I encourage you to make new holiday traditions. MomMom would be proud.

So, what new traditions will you include in your holiday season?

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